Photon Illustration would like to thank everyone who presented and participated at the Association of Medical Illustrators conference in Austin, Texas this year!

Here's just a glimpse of the experience as a first time attendee.


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Space and Biomedical Effects: Kidney Stones

Can you imagine being an astronaut living on the International Space Station (ISS) and passing a kidney stone? You are orbiting nearly 250 miles above the nearest hospital with limited supplies. That is not an ideal situation! Through astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson's research, we have learned this situation can be avoided by taking potassium citrate supplements. This helps the health of not only astronauts, but also those of us with our feet on the ground!

Dr. Peggy Whitson is a biochemist, the commander of the current International Space Station expedition, has the record for the most days spent in space and the number of spacewalks by a U.S. woman, and was the first female Space Station Commander. Wow! 

After spending nearly a year aboard the ISS and conducting a great deal of research, Dr. Whitson is scheduled to return to Earth in September.