Meet the Team

Photon Illustration consists of two scientific illustrators: Adrianna Allen & Alayna Guza

We hold bachelor degrees in Medical Illustration, and have had the privilege to study anatomy and histology at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. 

Working from our Michigan studio, we strive to make every illustration commission both visually appealing and precise in order to satisfy the individual vision of each client. 

As scientific illustrators we are skilled in translating written, verbal, and conceptual ideas into appealing illustrations. We strive for accuracy by using the information provided to us by the client, and additionally conducting our own critical research. We understand the importance of accuracy in communicating scientific ideas, and the necessity of visually engaging illustrations to spark interest in the general public and students who are learning an unfamiliar subject. 

Creating scientifically based illustrations provides us with a wonderful opportunity to promote science literacy and curiosity, and to help educate the next generation of people who will influence the world.

Typical Methods of Illustration

       3D Modeling

       Digital Painting

       Traditional Painting and Drawing



Adrianna Allen

Hi! I’m Adrianna and I love space! I use my illustrations and unique perspective to communicate new innovations, research, and discoveries. Through a combination of science and art, I strive to inspire people’s interest in the investigation of the cosmos… from genetics to galaxies! 

I am delighted to be an artist member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) and I support the Planetary Society and the National Space Society (NSS)!

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Alayna Guza

Hi! I'm Alayna and I love anatomy! The body is a fascinating machine and I enjoy spending my time learning about how it works. Through my art, my goal is to create engaging imagery that is easy to understand.

At Photon Illustration we understand the importance of education and science literacy for all communities. To be able to contribute to the challenge of instilling curiosity in our future leaders is something that we greatly value. Art is key in this challenge.

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